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        All about Female Condoms

        The Female Condom is a soft, thin plastic
        sleeve that can help protect you
        from pregnancy.

        A woman puts a new Female Condom in her vagina every
        time she has sex. The man’s sperm stay inside the
        condom and cannot get to the woman’s egg.

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         Female Condom       

         The female condom is soft and thin. 

        What is a Female Condom?

        The condom for women is made of soft, thin plastic.
        It has a firm, flexible ring at each end. It comes in one
        size that fits most women.

        The woman puts the smaller ring inside the vagina. It
        helps hold the condom in place. The other ring stays outside
        the vagina.

        Some Female Condoms come with a tube of gel, called  
        lubricant. Other Female Condoms come pre-lubricated.
        The gel makes it easier to put the Female Condom
        in the vagina. 

        How well does it work?

        About 21 out of 100 women who use the
        Female Condom get pregnant in a year.

        Where can I get a Female Condom?

        You can get condoms for women from
        your Family PACT provider. Or you can
        buy them at a drugstore or supermarket.

        What do women like about using it?

        • It does not cause health problems.

        • It protects you from sexually
          transmitted infections.






        Provider talking to client

        Your Family PACT provider can show you how
        to use the female condom.

        What do some women dislike?

        • It may seem hard to handle at first.

        • Some people don't like how the outer ring
          looks outside the vagina.

        • Some people may be allergic to the plastic
          in the condom.

        • It can be noisy.

        Female Condom

        First, squeeze the inner ring together.

        How do I use it?

        Your Family PACT provider can help you
        learn how to use the Female Condom.
        Use a new condom every time you have

        • Wash your hands with soap and water.

        • If it comes with a tube of gel, put a few
          drops onto the outside of the condom.

        • Squeeze the smaller, inner ring together.

        • Put the condom into your vagina. With
          your finger, push the inner ring in as far
          as it will go. The outer ring stays outside
          the vagina.

        • Guide the penis through the outer ring.

        To take the Female Condom out:

        • Squeeze and twist the outer ring to keep the
          sperm inside the condom. Pull out gently.

        • Throw the condom away. Do not flush it in
          the toilet.

        • Don’t use it again. You can only use it one

        Make the Female Condom work for you.

        Put the Female Condom in before the penis
        is put in or near your vagina.

        • Do not take the inner ring out of the
          condom. The ring helps keep the condom
          in place while you have sex. If you take it
          out, the condom won’t work as well.

        • Don’t use a man’s condom at the same
          time. If you do, both condoms may not
          stay in place or they may stick together.

        • It doesn’t tear easily, but watch for jewelry
          or fingernails.

        • Check the expiration dates on the condom
          package. They may not work as well after
          that date.

        Tips for using the Female Condom

        Use a new condom:

        • If you have sex again.

        • If the condom tears.

        • If the outer ring gets pushed inside the

        • If the penis starts to go to one side of the
          outer ring instead of through it.

        Use more gel:

        • If you need it to feel more comfortable.

        • If the condom moves during sex.

        • If the condom sounds noisy when you
          have sex.




        Female Condoms will help protect you from HIV (the virus
        that causes AIDS) and other infections people get from having sex.

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