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                    Had unprotected sex?                         
It's not too late!!

You can still prevent pregnancy.                           
Emergency Contraceptive (EC) pills can prevent pregnancy after sex.        
You might need EC pills if:                          
  • You had sex and didn't use a birth
    control method.
  • There was a problem with your birth
    control method such as:
    • Your condom broke or slipped off.
    • You forgot to take your birth control
      pills on time.
    • Your contraceptive patch fell off
      and stayed off too long.
    • Your vaginal ring was out too long.

Use this wallet card to remember about EC Pills 

To find a Family PACT provider near you:

  • Call Family PACT at 1-800-942-1054
  • Go to and enter
    your zip code in "Find Providers"

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Using EC Pills at the right time lowers
 the chances that you will get pregnant.

  • Take EC pills as soon as you can.           
  • EC pills work best if you take them within
    the first 24 hours after unprotected sex.  
  • EC pills can work up to 5 days after        
    unprotected sex.                                     

EC pills are easy to use.

  • You take EC pills in one dose.      
  • You don't need a physical exam   
    to get EC pills.                             

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EC pills are not an abortion pill.
  • If you are already pregnant, EC pills will
    cause a miscarriage. 

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Don't take Chances!

  • If you need EC pills, don't wait.
    Call your Family PACT provider
    right away. 
  • Call your local pharmacy to see
    if they have EC pills in stock.

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EC pills should not be used as
your regular method of birth

  • EC pills are a good second
    chance to prevent pregnancy
    after unprotected sex.
  • Ask about a birth control method
    that will work for you.

Want more information about EC pills?

Go to

This website:

  • Lists some pharmacies and providers who
    carry EC pills.
  • Has a lot of information about EC pills

   Emergency Contraceptive (EC) pills can prevent     
   pregnancy after sex.

Here's how to get EC pills!

  • Family PACT female
    clients get EC at
    no cost
    • From their Family
      PACT provider
    • From a pharmacy
      with a prescription
      from their Family
      PACT provider
  • Women and men
    of any age can buy
    levonorgestrel EC
    pills at a pharmacy
    with a prescription.
  • You will need a
    prescription for

   For more information about EC pills, visit