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Family Planning Patient Rights

Men and women, regardless of race, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, ethnic and religious
background, or economic standing have:


  • The right to decide whether or not to have children and, if so, to determine their
    timing and spacing
  • The right to be treated with dignity and respect 
  • The right to privacy and confidentiality in all aspects of service
  • The right to adequate and objective education and counseling
  • The right to have all procedures explained and questions answered in a language
    that can be understood
  • The right to know effectiveness, possible side effects, and complications of all
  • The right to participate in selecting the contraceptive method(s) to be used
  • The right to know the results and meanings (diagnosis, treatment and prognosis) of
    all tests and examinations
  • The right to see their records and have them explained
  • The right to know the meaning and implications of all forms they are asked to sign
  • The right to consent to, or refuse, any contraceptive method, test, examination or

Participation of any individual in the Family PACT (Planning, Access, Care and Treatment)
program is voluntary and free of compulsion or coercion of any kind. If you feel your rights
have been fiolated, please speak to the director of the clinic/health office.

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Office of Family Planning