Family PACT


Schools out!  What happens now?

Your Family PACT eligibility is good for one year.  The Family PACT program allows you to see any Family PACT provider with your HAP card.  To find a provider near your new location, enter your zip code in the zip code locator at the top of the website or call 800-942-1054.  This will give you providers to call in your area for an appointment. 

If you are traveling out of state, your HAP card will not be valid at clinics.


What pharmacies are available?

If you have a prescription from a Family PACT provider for drugs/supplies covered under Family PACT, you may fill the prescription with any pharmacy that accepts Medi-Cal.
If you are traveling out of state, the program does not provide prescriptions or refills to Family PACT clients out of the state, even if it is temporary. The program would also not be able to reimburse you for prescriptions provided by an out of state provider or pharmacist.