Cultural and Linguistic Competency

Family PACT providers can easily assess how well they meet the Cultural and Linguistic Competence standards of the program by using the innovative Cultural and Linguistic Competency toolkit.

The Family PACT Cultural and Linguistic Competency Toolkit includes a self-assessment survey along with all the information you need to understand the results and develop an action plan for enhancing your services and programs. 

This toolkit is made up of five parts. Click on the links to read each part:

Part 1: Introduction (PDF)
Explains the purpose of the Toolkit and gives an overview of its components.

Part 2: Cultural and Linguistic Competency Self-Assessment Survey (PDF)
Highlights the newly developed survey and explains how to utilize the survey with your entire staff.

Part 3: Understanding Your Results (PDF)
Explains in detail how to analyze the results of the staff survey. This is for your information only.

Part 4: Developing a Strategic Plan (PDF)
Demonstrates how to analyze your agency's strengths and challenges so you can make a plan to improve your staff's cultural and linguistic competence.

Part 5: Resources (PDF)
Provides a comprehensive list of website links and documents that will surely be helpful in your efforts. Click the website address to access each recommended resource.

Click here to access these helpful resources to enhance your use of the Toolkit:

Click here to download and print:

Complete Cultural and Linguistic Competency Toolkit (PDF, 6.10MB)
Self-Assessment Survey (PDF)
Tally Sheet (PDF)
Score Sheet (PDF)
Strategic Plan Form (PDF)


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