Provider Profiles

The Office of Family Planning (OFP) offers Internet access to Family PACT Provider Profiles.  The Provider Profiles have been developed for physician owners/medical directors and can be accessed online by entering your NPI here:

Click here to access your Family PACT Provider Profile.

Online access is available for providers who saw more than 50 Family PACT clients in one of the six-month periods reflected in the profile and thus received an individualized profile. Unless you opt out, a hardcopy report will mailed on a semi-annual basis.  These profiles reflect only the activity of the provider(s) and the site(s) reimbursed under your NPI registered with Family PACT.  

Using provider and client enrollment data and claims data, the profiles present snapshots of your practice patterns in relation to your peers who participate in the Family PACT Program:  public sector (governmental, non-profit and community clinics) or private sector providers (physician groups and solo practitioners).

The profiles include nine indicators of utilization management and quality improvement measures:

  • Average Family PACT Reimbursement per Client
  • Family PACT Encounters per Client
  • Percent of Family PACT Evaluation/Management Visits Coded 99214
  • Social Security Number Reporting among U.S.-Born Family PACT Adults
  • Average Routine Cervical Cytology Interval, Family PACT Women, 21 to 65
  • Pregnancy Tests per 100 Family PACT Encounters
  • Chlamydia Screening Rate for Family PACT Women Age 25 and Younger
  • Chlamydia Screening Rate for Family PACT Women Over Age 25
  • Percent of the Family PACT Evaluation/Management New Visits Coded 99204 (Available online only)
  • Percent of Family PACT Education & Counseling Visits Coded Z9754 (Available online only)

The OFP hopes that feedback on your practice patterns will be useful to you in delivering quality family planning services while appropriately managing resources and preserving public dollars.

Client Demographic Provider Profiles are available when you download your Profile. These additional metrics include eight demographic charts.  There are four pie charts representing the percent of clients served for fiscal year (FY) 2011-12 by Sex and Age, Primary Language, ZIP Code, and Race/Ethnicity. These are followed by four bar charts showing client volume trends from FY 2008-09 to FY 2011-12 by:

  •  Total Clients Served              • Teen Clients Served
  •  Male Clients Served              • New Client Enrollments

For additional information on Provider Profiles, the following updated documents are available: 

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PDF documents require Adobe Reader. Click on the button to download the latest version.

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