Family PACT

Provider Login

The Office of Family Planning Branch offers Internet Access to Family PACT Provider Profiles.

The Provider Profiles have been developed for physician owners/medical directors and can be accessed by entering your NPI here:

Note: Not all Family PACT Providers have individual profiles, but all providers can see the Program-wide profiles.

Having trouble with your NPI?

  • If you have a solo practice, enter your individual NPI.
  • If you are part of a group practice, enter the NPI that bills for your services.
  • If you are part of a community clinic, enter the NPI that bills for your services.
  • If there is still no profile available, your practice may have received the Program-wide profile instead of a provider-specific profile. Provider-specific profiles are generated only when the minimum threshold is met. Please see the Interpretations or Methodology links for additional information. The Program-wide Profile may be valuable to you in observing how your peers in this program are performing and in considering an assessment of your practice patterns.