Provider Resources

Find Xerox Regional Representatives

Contact your local regional representatives from all over California. Medi-Cal now includes a tool on finding Xerox regional representatives. "Click Here" and enter your zip code for your representative’s name and phone number.

CDC Contraceptive Criteria and Recommendations

The recommendations in these reports are intended to help health-care providers address issues related to use of contraceptives, such as how to help a woman initiate use of a contraceptive method, which examinations and tests are needed before initiating use of a contraceptive method, what regular follow-up is needed, and how to address problems that often arise during use, including missed pills and side effects such as unscheduled bleeding.

Adolescent Information and TeenSmart Findings

Outreach strategies and latest research including videos to use with clients


Easy to use forms to help ease and maintain client documentation

Information Links

Additional links available for research and referrals

Intimate Partner Violence

Guidelines for creating effective domestic violence prevention, support, and referral services

Quality Improvement Tools

Tools to help meet the needs of your clients

Quick Reference Tip Sheets

Information and resources to easily and successfully integrate Family PACT into your practice

STD Treatment Guidelines Information


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