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Welcome to the Family Planning, Access, Care, and Treatment (Family PACT) Program provider page.
Here you will find information on provider enrollment, provider training, and updates to the Family PACT Program. Click on the links below to find more information.

Provider Enrollment

Licensed medical providers that are interested in enrolling into the Family PACT Program must have:

  • A National Provider Identifier (NPI),
  • Be enrolled be in good standing with Medi-Cal,
  • The ability to provide comprehensive family planning and reproductive health services,
    and provide the full range of services covered in the program.
Health Access Program (HAP) Card Distribution
HAP card distribution limits for the Family PACT program by provider type are as follows:
Private Sector
  • Sequential (numbered) HAP cards - 500 per year
  • Blank (replacement) HAP cards – 200 per year
Public Sector
  • Sequential (numbered) HAP cards - 1000 per year
  • Blank (replacement) HAP cards – 400 per year
The initial start-up of HAP cards for new providers will remain at 200 sequential and 100 blank cards, which will be inclusive of the yearly limit. Requests for additional HAP cards will be reviewed by the Office of Family Planning, and the number of additional cards will be approved on a case by case basis.
Provider Training
Learn about the Family PACT Program’s legislatively mandated Provider Orientation, access Medi-Cal’s Billing and Training Learning Portal, and other additional trainings.

Provider Updates
Find pertinent information regarding program and policy updates to the Family PACT Program.

New  Clinical Practice Alert June 2019 : Chlamydia and Gonorrhea Screening and Treatment

The Family PACT Policies, Procedures and Billing Instructions (PPBI) manual is the Family PACT official program provider manual. This is the provider’s resource for successful incorporation of the Family PACT Program into your practice.