Family PACT

Birth Control Methods


Birth Control Booklet

Birth Control:
It's Up To Me

This 24-page booklet features information about
FDA approved birth control methods. It provides
your clients with a basic overview of each method
and is intended to help clients narrow down their
choices.  It discusses the benefits and risks of each
method and compares effectiveness rates.

OF4017 Eng
OF4018 Spn

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Birth Control Information Sheets

Each of these two-sided information sheets provides your clients with answers to
commonly-asked questions about a specific birth control method. Each sheet explains
how the birth control method works, how it is used, the pros and cons of using the
method, and what problems may be encountered.




IUC OF2575      OF2576      Language translation
Birth Control Implant           OF2598  OF2599 Language translation
Birth Control Shot OF2602 OF2603 Language translation
Birth Control Ring OF4062 OF4063 Language translation
Birth Control Patch OF4056 OF4057 Language translation
Birth Control Pill OF2577 OF2578 Language translation
Condoms and Spermicides OF2573 OF2574 Language translation
Female Condom OF2571 OF2572 Language translation
Essure OF4126 OF4127 Language translation
Emergency Contraceptive Pills OF3021 OF3022 Language translation

Birth Control General Consent Form

This helpful and comprehensive two-sided consent form can help you document that you have provided general information about the full range of available birth control methods. For invasive procedures such as the insertion of a contraceptive implant or of an IUC, the OFP encourages you to use the manufacturer-provided consent form contained in the insertion kit before placing the device, and to use your office's standard invasive procedure consent form for removing implants.  
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IUC, Pill, and Shot Wallet Card

Wallet Cards 

These wallet cards are for clients who have chosen to use one of these methods. Each wallet card includes helpful tips to use with the method, including warning signs. The Shot and IUC wallet cards have a section to help clients remember when to return to get their next shot or IUC replaced. The Pill wallet card provides step-by-step instruction on what to do if pills are forgotten.

IUC Wallet Card
OF2070 Eng
OF2071 Spn
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Pill Wallet Card
OF2074 Eng

OF2075 Spn

Language translation

Shot Wallet Card
OF2558 Eng

OF2559 Spn

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