Family PACT

Outreach Materials


Family PACT
Panel Card

This two-sided panel
card describes the types
of services and birth
control methods offered
by Family PACT providers.

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Family PACT panel card Family PACT Brochure

Family PACT

This attractive full-color
brochure explains what
services and birth control
methods the Family PACT
program provides for clients.


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Choosing Your Birth Control Method

This newly revised, colorful and appealing chart can be used to compare the use, effectiveness, benefits, risks, and tips for using 17 different birth control methods. The methods are organized into four major categories: Long term, hormonal, barrier and information-based methods. This 8 ½ by 14-inch double-sided flyer also includes information on how to choose a method.

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choosing your birth control method 

Had Unprotected Sex?
It's Not Too Late!!

This full-color, two-sided flyer lets your clients
know about the availability of EC pills when
they've had unprotected sex for any reason.
This useful outreach tool gives basic information
about EC pills.

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It's not too late