Family PACT

Sexually Transmitted Infections

HIV Facts   Getting Tested  
HIV Facts

This information sheet
gives clients valuable
HIV prevention facts all
in on glance. It explains
what HIV is,
risk assessment and
transmission, getting tested
and what the results mean.

OF4021 Eng
OF4022 Spn

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Getting Tested

This outreach piece gives
clients information about
STI testing. It reviews
who should get tested,
what to expect when tested,
and the importance of
getting treatment.

OF4164 Eng
OF4165 Spn

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These information brochures give clients
valuable information on what Chlamydia and Gonorrhea
  are, who should get tested, and the
importance of getting tested.


Chlamydia: What you need to knowOF2701 Eng                             
OF2702 Spn

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Gonorrhea, what you need to know

OF2709 Eng                             
OF2710 Spn

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