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Research Brief

Access to Publicly-Funded Family Planning Services by Women in Need   November 2015    

Changes in Interpregnancy Intervals for Family PACT and Medi-Cal Clients Between 2008 and 2011  October 2015       

Intrauterine Contraception: Changes in Knowledge and Attitudes Following Skills-Based Training June 2014

Client-Provider Interactions About Screening and Referral to Primary Care Services and Health Insurance Programs March 2014 


Family PACT Annual Report FY 14/15
Family PACT Annual Report FY 13/14  
Family PACT Annual Report FY 12/13  
Family PACT Annual Report FY 11/12  
Family PACT Annual Report FY 10/11  
Family PACT Annual Report FY 09/10  
Family PACT Annual Report FY 08/09  
Family PACT Annual Report FY 07/08  

2011 Family PACT Medical Record Review:  Assessing the Quality of Services
Contraceptive Dispensing Within 18 Months of Delivery for Women in the 2012 HEDIS Postpartum Care Cohort    May 2015

Delivery of Long-Acting Reversible and Permanent Contraception among Family PACT Clients
Family PACT Program Report Fiscal Year 2012-2013 March 2015

Family PACT Providers and Health Care Reform Implementation March 2015

Findings from the 2012 Family PACT Client Exit Interviews
Decline in Adolescent Female Participation in the Family PACT Program June 2013

Access to Publicly Funded Family Planning Services in California
Family Planning Services and Sources of Payment for Contraception: Experiences of California Women 2012